A Message From Our Vice President: Thank you, Nurses!

As I'm sure you all know, 2020 was designated the "Year of the Nurse" by the World Health Organization.  Shortly afterward, nurses everywhere were put to the test and asked to step up and save our country from the largest pandemic of our lifetime.  I want to say thank you to all of the nurses in Positive Connections and recognize all that they have done to help flatten the curve and lessen the impact in their communities. 

Knowing that we work with patients who are already immuno-compromised, our medical case management staff immediately took action and started to put processes in place to help protect our clients from this deadly virus. With their hard work and dedication we averted an untold number of tragedies and devastating events, so thank you to each nurse on our team for all that you have done and will continue to do. 

To our nursing staff, we say Happy Nurse's Day!  Thank you again for all you do to help our clients live the best possible life they can.  

-Steven Crowder, MBA
Senior VP of Operations
Positive Connections


Steven Crowder is the Senior VP of Operations for the Positive Connections program at ARcare.  Steve may be reached here.

Positive Connections is a program at ARcare connecting the community to HIV prevention, treatment and empowerment.  We believe in a future vision with zero new HIV transmissions and where every person living with or affected by HIV can thrive.  You can learn more about the Positive Connections Program here.