Dietitian's Corner: Simple Gardening Tips for Healthy Living

Gardening can be a great way to relieve stress
and help you save money at the grocery store.

Do you love fruits and vegetables?  Are you thinking of starting your own garden, but just aren’t quite sure where to start?  Well guess what!?  Help to get your garden off to the right start is at your fingertips. 

The University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service employs an agricultural agent (aka plant expert) for every county in our state.  The Cooperative Extension agents share their wealth of knowledge not only with farmers producing large crops, but also with individuals interested in producing smaller crops to feed their family!   Not only is gardening a great way to relax, it also can save you a bundle at the grocery store.  

To contact your local agent, click here.

A little low on cash to get your garden started?  Here are a few tips!  Rather than purchasing pots, call your local nursery and ask for their left-over plastic containers.  If you receive SNAP benefits find your local farmers market ASAP!  You can double your SNAP bucks at any farmer’s market that takes debit cards, purchase seeds and any edible plant.  

For more information on using SNAP benefits to grow your own food, click here 


Lauren Henrich is a Registered Dietitian with the ARcare Positive Connections program.  She is available for nutrition consultations to clients enrolled in the Ryan White program.  She may be contacted here.

Positive Connections is a program at ARcare connecting the community to HIV prevention, treatement and empowerment.  We believe in a future vision with zero new HIV transmissions and where every person living with or affected by HIV can thrive.  You can learn more about the Positive Connections Program here.