Dietitian's Corner: Dieting? Facts vs Fads

Have you ever tried to lose weight and just aren't able to do so?  OR maybe you lost weight following a "fad diet", only to simply regain the weight because you weren't able to sustain a restrictive diet?  Guess what?   You're not alone.  In the last decade, I have interviewed thousands of people with weight loss goals - not one of my patients reported sustained weight loss following a fad diet.  Not sure what I mean by "Fad Diet?"  Here are just a few .... 

Keto, Paleo, Whole 30, Gluten Free, Jenny Craig, Carb Masters, Carb Free, Fasting, Intermittent fasting, South Beach, Raw Food Diet, Atkins - Is your head spinning?  Mine sure is ... 

Gone are the days where you had two choices, Weight Watcher or Jenny Craig - Grab a spandex leotard and neon sweatband to add in a little Jazzercise while you're at it?  (Can you tell I am a child of the 80's?) 

Here is the "secret" to weight loss.  It's simple.  Its science. 
Energy In must equal energy out.  Know how many calories your body needs a day - yes, you will need a dietitian for that!  Begin paying attention to the calorie content of the foods you are eating.  If you're gaining weight or have gained weight, it will be evident the number of calories you are consuming is often greater than the number of calories your body needs to sustain itself.  And what happens when we consume excess calories - yep, you got it - they are stored as fat!  

Weight loss happens when you meet with a dietitian and get a personalized weight loss plan.  A plan that fits your lifestyle, budget, and food preferences is the plan that will lead to sustained weight loss.  It will take work on your part - but with willingness, small behavioral changes, and sound health coaching - you CAN lose the weight!

If you're ready to gain awareness of the calories you're consuming on a daily basis, I recommend downloading the Calorie King App or My Fitness Pal - And get started, friend!  


Lauren Henrich, RDN, LD, CDE is a Registered Dietitian with the ARcare Positive Connections program.  She is available for nutrition consultations to clients enrolled in the Ryan White program.  She may be contacted 

Positive Connections is a program at ARcare connecting the community to HIV prevention, treatement and empowerment.  We believe in a future vision with zero new HIV transmissions and where every person living with or affected by HIV can thrive.  You can learn more about the Positive Connections Program